Turf Consulting

Turf Consulting

At Greenway, we love helping you maintain beautiful fairways and firm, smooth putting surfaces. The Greenway Turf Management Program can help you achieve results that astound your golfers, all while reducing the amount of water and chemicals you use. We’ll get your maintenance team trained to consistently deliver these conditions long after we’ve left. It’s all about — you guessed it — fairways and greens.

Let’s start on the short grass, because without the best greens you simply can’t make avid golfers happy. Our chief agronomist, Marc Logan, loves to dispel the common notion that Bent grass putting surfaces can not be maintained in cool climates.


Where cool season grasses can be maintained for use on greens, Greenway recommends the use of Bent grasses for the putting surfaces. Water is becoming more limited and in many cases the quality of water is deteriorating. Bent grasses are more tolerant to poor water quality than annual Blue grass (poa annua) and also require less chemical inputs that can translate into significant savings. Bent grasses also have greater environmental benefits while reducing the chemical exposure to the maintenance staff and golfers due to the reduced amount of pesticides required to maintain superior quality. Utilizing The Greenway Method, courses are able to sustain Bent grass greens and eliminate poa contamination.


Warm season turf grasses, such as Bermuda, ultra Bermuda and Paspalum, require specialized surface preparations in order to eliminate grain. Our methods for maintaining warm season grasses focus on implementing proper nutritional and cultural practices that differ from those used with Bent grasses.

With Greenway as your advisor, you’ll reduce chemical inputs while lowering the cost of maintenance for a Bermuda grass course.  In addition, you’ll realize reduced course downtime as our practices are less disruptive to play.


Regardless of their budget or location, course owners and superintendents continually face challenges maintaining fairways. Along with the basics (weather, soils, water quality, management practices, shade, disease, equipment selection, irrigation coverage, drainage and wear) now come the challenges of worsening drought conditions and water restrictions, particularly in California.

Many critical components are beyond the control of the superintendent when working with multiple strains of grass, including Rye, Poa and Common Bermuda. If a course is to maintain a mix of grasses, inconsistent conditions are inevitable. Greenway Golf offers many options, including Turf Over Planting, a unique process and machine brought to the U.S. from Australia by our chief agronomist, Marc Logan.

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