Troubled Asset Management

Troubled Asset Management


Greenway Golf can provide ongoing maintenance for troubled properties while minimizing operational costs. Our month-to-month programs increase the course’s salability and current revenue, while making it easier for a new owner to assume control when the property is sold.

Our plans include:


Starting out with a comprehensive property assessment, you’ll know the problems associated with your troubled property and what needs to be fixed to facilitate a sale.


You need to maximize near term revenue and increase the attractiveness of your course for a prospective buyer. We can provide the services to make this happen — mowing, watering, and pruning of trees and shrubbery across the golf course. We can also provide plantings of annual flowers at entry ways and around the club house area.


Because you can sell the property at any time, Greenway offers month-to-month contracts that allow you to exit at any time. We can also help you transition the course to the new owner.