The Green Way

The Green Way

As resources such as water become rationed and the public’s intolerance to chemical and environmental pollution increases, our industry has to rethink its strategy with regard to golf course maintenance – preferably before local and state regulations insist that changes be made or suffer the consequences.

Greenway Golf has been questioning and changing the status quo since 2001 and we’ve proven our success where it counts – on the golf course. Based on research and nearly thirty years of field application, Greenway’s proven principles significantly reduce expenses and lessen the impact on a golf course’s local environment while greatly improving play conditions.

This ability to question long-held assumptions carries over into all aspects of how we manage a golf course – from training your employees to be efficient to whether or not your systems are costing you money.

Because we don’t settle for status quo, you benefit where it counts – at the bottom line. When you partner with Greenway Golf, you receive two main benefits:

1.) Vastly improved playing conditions – Better course conditions translates into happier patrons, which translates into more revenues

2.) Reduced expenses – Less fertilizer, water and mowing and the elimination of many of your day-to-day headaches mean you’re more profitable and happier.

It’s the Greenway Golf difference. Give us a call or send us a message and let us show you how you can reduce costs and while improving course conditions.