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Read “The Green Way” Volume 1

Are you interested in learning more about what Greenway does? Our recently-published newsletter can be downloaded here, for online viewing or printing.

Greenway Golf offers a unique combination of golf course maintenance/management, construction, and consulting services. We’ll try to feature stories reflective of each of these specialties on “The Green Way”

Often we find that when selected to do a course renovation we get asked to stay and handle maintenance. Or other times, like at Champions (featured in this issue) we help a client identify and solve turf management issues and later get retained to keep the course in great shape.

Our Chief Agronomist Marc Logan is a big part of our success, having developed “The Greenway Method” of improving conditions while lowering the amount of chemicals and water used. If you’re interested in this concept, you should find “Five Questions with Marc Logan” to be of interest. Want to get a hard copy mailed to you? Just fill out our contact form and we’ll send it your way and keep you on the list for future editions.