Golf Course Maintenance

Golf Course Maintenance


Golfers consistently rank course conditions as the most important part of their overall satisfaction with a golf course. At public courses, an unsatisfied customer is likely to play somewhere else the next time out. And at a private club, the casual talk about poor course conditions can soon turn into members leaving – rapidly.

But the decision to outsource your maintenance can be a difficult one, especially at private country clubs with many people taking part in the process. We’ll answer a few questions below, and encourage you to contact us to discuss your unique situation.

We want better conditions, but our budget is tight. Can you help?

Of course. Partnering with Greenway will help you improve your playing conditions and lower the cost of ownership. And all of our plans come with The Greenway Method, which eliminates Poa Annua and reduces fertilizer, chemical and water usage.

What makes Greenway different from the large corporate landscape maintenance companies?

Several things, actually. First of all, we are a mid-sized company with a single focus – golf courses. And we’re the only company in the U.S. with a proven track record of helping golf courses improve playing conditions and lower costs while eliminating poa annua and reducing fertilizer, chemical and water usage. Whether your course has cool or warm season grass, our proprietary Greenway Method enables you to provide patrons with fast, firm, and consistent greens they’ll rave about.

Wait a minute. If I turn things over to Greenway, won’t I lose control?

Not at all. With Greenway you actually have greater control of the objectives and the overall direction as we provide you with additional resources to achieve your desired standards. Greenway will assume responsibility for items that can consume management resources such as staffing, employee liabilities, managing HR, workers comp risks, payroll, payables, safety training, and dealing with vendor and regulatory agencies and all of the details that go into managing operations.

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