Turlock Sells More Memberships Based on Improved Playing Conditions

Turlock Sells More Memberships Based on Improved Playing Conditions

350x250-Turlock-GCCTurlock Golf and Country Club initially contacted Greenway Golf to seek an opinion regarding the issues facing the club. Several years of excessive fertilization had created a monumental thatch layer and greens that were nearly 100% Poa.

At that time Greenway tested the water, we determined that the nitrates in the water were contributing significantly to the problem. Greenway recommended that the greens be resurfaced, to which the club agreed.

Greenway oversaw the grow-in and remained in a consulting capacity for two years – at which time Turlock CC had some of the finest Bent grass greens to be found anywhere.

The membership was ecstatic with the results. In fact, things were going so well the club felt that they did not need Greenway’s services any longer and decided not to renew the contract.

Three years later, a member of the club asked that we come out to take a look at the course as the club was once again having problems. Incredibly the greens were thin, the bent grass root structure was poor, and unhealthy levels of thatch were beginning to develop. The heat that summer was causing severe damage to the new greens.

The club asked Greenway to come back in a consulting capacity and while we respectfully declined, we indicated that we would consider returning in a full management capacity.

Turlock approved a five-year management contract, and Greenway assumed management of the course maintenance. Within months the greens returned to a more healthy state with a developing root structure.

Seven months after assuming management of the golf course maintenance, and just in time for the Men’s Invitational, long time members were describing the course as having “the best conditions in the history of the club.”

Currently, Turlock members enjoy fast, firm greens with speeds in excess of 11 feet on the stimp meter. Poa has all but disappeared. Root depths are at 8+ inches and the density of the Bent grass is optimal. In addition, the thatch levels have dissipated to acceptable levels.

The membership at Turlock Golf & Country Club is completely satisfied with what Greenway has achieved and has sold more memberships as a result.