Champions Club Improves Cost & Quality

Champions Club Improves Cost & Quality


Flint Nelson, General Manager for Champions Club at the Retreat in Corona, California, was looking how to best reduce his golf course expenses while also improving the quality of the conditions. Already familiar with outsourcing certain operational aspects of the course, he knew what he wanted:

– A no nonsense, personal attention with a ‘small company’ feel management group.

– A company that was going to differentiate his course from the other three similar competing courses in the area.

– A company that could improve and consistently sustain superior playing surfaces on the course fairways and greens.

However, other management companies proposed that in order to best meet his objectives they needed to water fairways more, keep carts on path only and alter some holes. Plus upon speaking with them, they had a bureaucratic, big company feel that did not sit well with Nelson. Not particularly pleased with this, Champions Club turned to Greenway Golf.

Personal Attention & Communication

What Nelson found with Greenway was directness about what they wanted to implement and how they were going to implement their Greenway Method™. And, even better, Greenway offered a guarantee: If the club did not like the results then they did not have to go through with it. Nelson felt confident that Greenway would perform well and on top of that, Greenway would transition the course greens back to a smoother preferred putting surface. Not only did this please Nelson, but he also saw a unique way to drive more business with the superior conditions provided by Greenway.

“The course has many working components. I can’t be an expert at all of them and stay on top of the day-to-day operations. Therefore, Greenway’s expertise and attention is just what I need,” stated Nelson.

Champions Club Goals

  • Address turf concerns during summer heat
  • Improve overall course conditions and detail
  • Sustain exceptional conditions
  • Differentiate course from competition
  • Lower maintenance costs while improving quality

“My job is to ensure every aspect of the course operations is running smoothly in a cost effective manner that will put me on top of my market. Outsourcing with Greenway is the only solution without giving up control. If I don’t like what’s going on, I’ll tell them.” -Flint Nelson, General Manager, Champions Club at the Retreat

Additional Time Spent on Marketing to Drive Golfers to the Course

“I believe more courses should be outsourcing. It’s not giving up control. It’s like any other business, it’s maximizing course dollars so I can have a more efficient business model that will make more money and ultimately improve my bottom line results, says Nelson.

Greenway Approach to Achieve Champions Objectives


  • Conduct full analysis of course using Greenway’s DIME (Design, Infrastructure, Maintenance & Environment) review model
  • Implement The Greenway Method to encourage and sustain climatic appropriate turf grass
  • Develop effective communication between course superintendent and club management
  • Without interruption to play, utilize unique Australian over planting program to establish suitable quality turf on fairways
  • Expand resources and support for course superintendent



  • More efficient maintenance operation
  • Improved turf quality and detail presentation of property
  • Expert handling of code and regulatory items
  • Short and long range plan for capital, repair and maintenance needs
  • Constant communication and personal attention
  • Immediate savings