Case Studies

Meadowood Resort

The Meadowood Resort in California’s Napa Valley is a world top-25 ranked resort where golf is just one of the many amenities that draw guests from around the world, including more than a few celebrities.

When managing partner Bill Harlan (of the renowned Harlan Estates wines) chartered Jack Nicklaus design architect Jim Lipe to come up with a renovation plan in 2013, there were a few conditions. Lipe turned to Greenway Golf, under direction of chief agronomist Marc Logan, to get the project done without disturbing guests of the upscale retreat.

“It was a challenging project,” explains Logan. “We had to get half of the nine holes finished in a very short timeframe, and put a fence up so that the wedding guests wouldn’t even know that construction was going on.

“Then we had 5 weeks to finish, before a major wine auction. And we had to be quiet, which isn’t easy to do when blasting rock.”

The goal of the project was to replace antiquated irrigation and drainage pipe, add internal drainage – crucial in an area that can get 40 inches of rain in a season – and replace the push-up greens with modern, sand-based designs.

“What lies beneath” seems to be a common theme among Logan and Greenway’s projects. The beautiful fairways, greens, and bunkering are what the golfer loves, but the owners and maintenance staff understand and appreciate the benefits of a modern infrastructure.

“Bill Harlan’s wineries are know for their minimal environmental impacts,” said Logan. “So redeploying the rock we found on site to create water retention areas fit in perfectly with that theme, just as one example.”

Logan and his team also found (mostly underground) the remains of rock walls that Chinese farmers used on the property to hold water for growing rice long before Meadowood existed. These rocks were placed in areas where they would not only serve a purpose – such as retaining walls around raised tee boxes – but also where their age would make them attractive additions to the course.

After completion of the project, Meadowood retained Greenway to continue to maintain the property, keeping it in top condition so guests can enjoy it, whether they are attending a wedding, or just trying to escape the prying eyes of Hollywood.

As they’re walking the fairways thinking about their score, they don’t have to worry about how the course stays in such great condition year-round. That’s for Marc Logan and his “Green Team” to be worry about.


Champions Club


Flint Nelson, General Manager for Champions Club at the Retreat in Corona, California, was evaluating how to best reduce his golf course expenses while also improving the condition of his fairways and greens. Already familiar with outsourcing certain operational aspects of the course, he knew what he wanted more personal attention, from a partner that would help him differentiate his course from three very similar competitors in the area. He turned to Greenway.

Mira Vista CC


[Letter from Tim Youngberg, Mira Vista CC Superintendent]

Without the help of Marc Logan and Greenway Golf, the Mira Vista Golf & Country Club renovation project would not have happened. The project was on a strict budget and timeline and with any club looking to do a renovation; you’re trying to get the biggest bang for the buck. When the original renovation bids came in from the various contractors, we were over budget by almost $1 million.

Turlock G&CC


The Turlock Golf & Country Club initially contacted Greenway Golf to seek an opinion regarding the issues facing the club. Several years of excessive fertilization had created a monumental thatch layer and greens that were nearly 100% Poa. 

At that time Greenway tested the water, we determined that the nitrates in the water were contributing significantly to the problem. Greenway recommended that the greens be resurfaced, to which the club agreed.