Contract Fee Course Maintenance option with Greenway… A total solution partnership that lets you achieve your vision without giving up control.

Contract Maintenance Services

Surveys show that golfers rate course conditions as the number one primary factor in their overall satisfaction. Now you can keep your golf patrons happy – without the day-to-day worry – by partnering with Greenway Golf for your golf course maintenance and turf management.

“I cannot tell you how happy I am with the decision to bring Greenway on board to handle our course maintenance. I got much more than I expected. They are not just another lawn maintenance company, they are golf course turf management experts and grass scientists.” – Randy Weber, Dir. of Golf Bonaventure CC (South Florida)

What differentiates Greenway’s Contract Golf Course Maintenance Partnership from other outsourced programs is that we’re the only golf course maintenance company in the US with a proven track record of helping golf courses improve playing conditions and lower costs while eliminating poa annua and reducing fertilizer, chemical and water usage.

Whether your course is location has cool or warm season grass, our proprietary  Turf Management Program enables you to provide golf patrons with fast, firm, and consistent greens they’ll rave about.

Does the Club lose control of the golf course direction when utilizing Greenway Maintenance?

Not at all. With Greenway you actually have greater control of the objectives and the overall direction as we provide you with additional resources to achieve your desired standards. Greenway will assume responsibility for items that can consume Club management resources such as staffing, employee liabilities, managing HR, workers comp risks, payroll, payables, safety training, and dealing with vendor and regulatory agencies and all of the details that go into managing operations.

The Greenway Contract Fee Course Maintenance Partnership Advantage

Superior greens

Developed by Greenway’s in-house scientist/agronomist Marc Logan, our “Aussie” turf program takes the guesswork out of maintaining greens. Our formula works – whether you’re located on the Pacific Coast, the North, or the South East.

Greater control of course objectives

Contracting with Greenway means you have greater control of the objectives and overall direction of your club as we provide you with additional resources to achieve desired results.

Customized agronomics

We develop specific grassing plans tailored to your unique environment, reduce costs, and take into account course traffic, weather, and soil conditions for a customized agronomic plan that reduces water usage and mowing.

Employee management

No need to worry about employees and liability as we’ll take on existing employees and train them. (See our FAQ page for additional information.) In addition, we’ll support your Super (or provide a candidate if needed) in order to help you deliver better results to your golf patrons.

Full landscaping services

In addition to dramatically improving your turf conditions, we’ll also provide all course mowing and tree pruning, clubhouse and entryway landscaping, and equipment maintenance.

Highest environmental standards

Greenway Golf guides its partner courses toward GEO (Golf Environment Organization) standards. The international mark of sustainability that you can promote with absolute confidence, letting members, visitors, and the wider community know that your golf club, renovation, or development has met comprehensive sustainability criteria, specific to golf in your region.This environmental standard ensures we set, track, and meet environmental targets and objectives.

Lower costs

Due to our efficiencies, turf program and national buying power, we help you lower fertilizer, chemical and water usages costs by 40 to 70% – even with the outsourcing factored in.

Reduced “down time”

Typical aerification programs take material out of the ground – leaving big holes and disrupting play. With Greenway’s program, you’ll see less down time as our proven turf program requires less core aerification.

Equipment assistance

Typically, your existing golf course maintenance equipment and inventory remain an asset of your club but is provided to Greenway for maintaining your course. If you require new equipment, we can help you lease or purchase through our national account vendors. (And if preferred, we’ll carry your new equipment on our books and work the lease payments into the contract.)

Fixed fee

You write one check each month and we take care of the rest, including all employee training, HR costs, OSHA, liabilities and vendor payables. Discover why some of the finest clubs in the US rely on Greenway Golf to completely oversee their golf course maintenance programs by reading our case studies and testimonials. Then, give us a call to set up your free consultation.

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